Chapter 27 – Trying Something New (R-18)

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Max rolled Yu’er on her back and mounted her, inserting his dick back inside her and started pounding aggressively.

Each time he was thrusting in sounds of flesh, colliding rang out, and watery noises started filling the whole room.

Yu’er was crazily moaning in pleasure as Max pounded her pussy that was still sensitive from her last orgasm.




Max was enjoying his sister’s cries while he thrust in her hot and wet cave. He went on to suck her nipples and play with her breast with his hand.

Feeling her wet insides tightly wrapping around his dick, made him start thrusting in faster, earning loader cries of moans from his sister.

After sucking her breast for a few minutes, Max moved to her lips, he sucked her lower lip then her upper lip, feeling her rapid breathing on his face.

Yu’er put her hands around him, rubbing her back while kissing back using her tongue. Max felt that it was so hot, pounding her fiercely and passionately kissing her while their body was closely sticking to each other.

His dick was twitching inside her with his waists moving faster and faster. Yu’er felt that she was also close, so she wrapped her legs around him, wanting to get everything of him inside her.

Max grunted in the pleasure that he was feeling, thrusting his dick deep inside her, filling her womb full of his cum.

Yu’er felt all his hot cum being released inside her, that made her reach to her peak. Pulling Max’s waist tighter and hugging him against her, she moaned out loud,

“Mnnhh, Ahhh, fill me up Max, I want to feel more inside me!”

After releasing it inside Yu’er, Max went on to lie down beside her while heavily breathing from the intense session they had.

“How was it?”

Max smilingly asked with his face full of satisfaction. His dick was still hard, but he doesn’t want to force it on his sister as he felt that she was already tired.

“That was the best! We should do this again sometime.”

Yu’er has never felt that good before, reaching her peak, again and again. She felt her mind melt, blanking out from the extreme pleasure that erupted from her body.

“What, you’re still hard?”

Yu’er added, seeing his dick still point straight up. When they had sex in the past, Max was already tired after shooting his load twice. Now she was shocked seeing that he can still go for another round.

“I don’t know. I got extremely horny thinking about everything that we’re going to do. It’s a good thing since I can satisfy you for a longer time, right?”

Max gave her a teasing look while sneaking a peek at her pussy drenched with fluids and cum flowing down to the bedsheet.

Yu’er closed her legs in embarrassment, covering her face that was blushing red. Max thought that he didn’t mind seeing more of his sister like this. She looked stunning, more so when she’s naked and having flushed skin.

The entire room smelled of sex, and every time they inhaled the scent, they get more and more aroused.

They couldn’t stop themselves from making their minds wander, thinking that they wanted more.

What they didn’t know was someone has been watching them since the beginning with a curious look on her face.

Little Dou has never turned her attention away from the two people who were playing around the bed. She was curious about how these people don’t seem to get tired, non-stop having sex for more than an hour.

She was even more surprised seeing that Max can still go for some more, thinking,

‘He must be turned on about having sex with his sister. Well, that’s understandable, she is a ravishing beauty that is for sure at the top 10 in their school.’

‘Huh? Why does she like licking his dick so much? Does it taste good?’

Little Dou put one of her fingers on her chin, wondering if it was really good. She was a simple-minded fairy that does whatever she liked doing.

Curiosity got the better of her that she went to the edge of the bed to take one drop of Max’s fluid on her finger.

She smelled it and didn’t think it was bad since the smell was already all over the entire room. She went on to give it a lick.

‘Wha-What is this? Wh-What am I feeling right now?’

Little Dou felt her body being filled with pleasure, making her feel refreshed like she was reborn in a better condition.

‘This tastes good! Better than the lollipop and the candies that Max was giving me!’

Little Dou continued taking more of her new favorite stuff while trying not to get their attention.

Max was currently watching his sister clean his dick with her tongue. The view of her breasts jiggling every time she moves.

Both of them were breathing heavily from arousal but still took things slowly as they are both exhausted from too much action.

Max then thought of another thing that he’s been wanting to try for so long, he went up and grabbed his sister saying,

“Sis, we forgot one thing!”

“What is it?” Yu’er tilted her head in confusion as they already did everything they can do with each other.


Max hugged her soft body and slowly slid his hands to her ass, giving it a gentle yet firm rub, feeling her smooth shapely butt.

He continued to slide his hands in between to her hole that hasn’t been touched. Max felt her hole twitch as he rubbed it with his finger.

“N-Noo Max, that’ll hurt!”

Yu’er immediately wanted to get out of his grasp after realizing what Max wanted. She thought of his huge dick getting in her tight hole and felt that she would be torn apart.

“Wait, I’ll use my finger first. Let’s lie down together!”

Yu’er reluctantly agreed as she wanted to experience it but was just too scared. They laid down facing each other, and Max initiated a kiss, kissing her and playing with her tongue.

Yu’er kissed him back aggressively as her body started to get hotter. Max slid his hand down from her back to her ass, changing its shape with his hand.

After a while of playing with it, he can feel his sister being aroused from his touch. He slid his finger on her pussy, making her moan in his mouth. Max continued thrusting his finger until he felt that his sister was close.

Max moved his finger to her other hole and started pushing it in. Her hole felt tight, not being used to something getting in.

Massaging it for a while, he got the tip of his finger inside and started sliding it in and out, trying to make his sister comfortable with the feeling.

Putting in one of his fingers, he felt that his sister was starting to be used to it, so he began adding another one.

After a few minutes, he can already insert three of his fingers and seeing his sister was enjoying the new feeling. He decided to go for the next step.

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