Chapter 34 – Start of the Plan

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“Hey, Yu’er! How are you these days?”

“I’m feeling great. Is she your little sister?”

“Yes, her name is Lydia. Lydia, this is Yu’er, Max’s sister.”

Lydia greeted her with a smile, and they continued chatting about everyday stuff.

After following them inside, this was the scene that Max was seeing. Layla and his sister looked to be enjoying themselves just chatting with each other.

“You looked even more beautiful, Yu’er.”

That was what Layla said after seeing some of her changes. Max gave his sister a smirk, thinking,

‘Of course, she will look more beautiful. I have been nourishing her these past few days!’

“Thanks! You also look beautiful, you know, at school a lot of people always stares at you.”

Yu’er slightly blushed, seeing the look Max was giving her.

“Oh, do you want to have a meal first? Max told me that he invited you to our house, so I made a lot of food.”

Lydia has always been a bit shy to strangers. She was sitting beside her sister, occasionally exchanging a few words with Yu’er.

Max saw her facial expression brighten when his sister mentioned food. Maybe she like eating food too?

“Sure! We haven’t eaten anything yet before coming here.”

Layla was quick to answer as she knows that her little sister liked eating. Well, she was also the same.

While enjoying their meal, Layla began speaking,

“Your food is delicious! Did you make these?”

“Yes, I’ve been making our food for quite some time now. Max never said anything, so I continued doing it.”

“Oh, a lot of people at school were talking about the huge change that happened to Max, did you know?”

Max was surprised that he was being talked about at school! He looked straight to Layla, still feeling weird that some people were surprisingly wasting their time talking about him.

“What? Since when did that happen? Why did I not notice it?”

“*giggle* A lot of people said you have become more handsome.”

Layla smiled teasingly at him wanting to see his reaction about it.

Max became embarrassed, hearing her say that he became more handsome,

‘Does she think I’m handsome too?’

Max, of course, knows that since he took the Health Potion, he became much better looking than before but didn’t think that he had been a lot more handsome.

There were no significant changes in his face or any part of his body, but there are a lot of small changes that miraculously, seemed to perfectly match everything, making his overall appearance a lot better.

Max never noticed it because all he saw were small differences that made him look a little better.

They never stopped chatting about things they can think about. At some point, Lydia also started opening up and joined them, talking about funny things and experiences that happened at school.

After finishing their meals, they rested for almost half an hour in the living room, having fun with each other.

Yu’er thought it was time for them to go swimming, so she directed them to the room that was directly connected to the backyard.

It was a guest room. It has a moderately-sized bed and its own bathroom. After guiding them, she went up back to her room to change.

Max also followed her as they were now sleeping in the same room. Inside the room, Max saw Yu’er removing her clothes, not caring that he was there.

He saw her change into a light blue bikini that never did anything to cover her curvaceous body. Max intently watched her as he slowly made his way towards her.

Max hugged her soft body from the back and fondled her breast with one of his hands. He kissed her shoulder then her neck and whispered,

“You look so hot. I can’t stop myself.”

Max went to give her a deep kiss on her lips while his hands roamed all over her body. Yu’er was heavily breathing as she started kissing him back.

Their passionate kiss continued as Max touched his sister in any way he can. Putting two fingers inside her made Yu’er moan, at the same time, getting herself back saying,

“We can’t. We have to go back down now. They must be waiting for us already.”

Max agreed with her and prepared on his own too, not after kissing her and grabbing her butt.

Both of them went down after making sure that they looked the same as they were before.

They went to the room Lydia and Layla were in but saw that they weren’t in there anymore and concluded that they probably went outside first.

Going to their backyard, the first thing someone will see was the massive plant fence that covers the whole area.

Their house has one secure fence surrounding the whole place so that no one can sneak in. But fences never covered the pool area, so they added a plant fence around it, high enough to cover everything inside.

The whole yard has a well-maintained lawn, a massive pool and a small jacuzzi installed right on the corner near the house.

Their pool was so massive that it looked disproportional to the whole place. It was one of the reasons that Max liked this house.

It has an irregular shape, but the entire span of it was about twenty to thirty meters wide. The water on one side was about five feet deep, but it gets deeper until it gets to about ten feet deep on the other side.

It also has a small diving board, a slide and under it were artificial rock formations that spew out water, making it look like a mini waterfall.

But in reality, it was just a smoothly designed water filter. They have a pool so large that they needed a powerful filter that can maintain all the water in it.

So their parents asked someone to design it in a way that it won’t obstruct people and the result was a mini waterfall that was praised by many guests and friends that saw it.

Not to mention that Max liked the hidden area behind the waterfall that he treated as his secret area as it may prove to be useful in the future.

There was a vast green space right beside the pool that would be an excellent place to start a party if they ever have one and in there, Max saw both sisters laying down on the sun loungers.

The sun loungers they were laying on, has a waterproof cushion that was placed near the pool so that people can sunbathe on it in comfort, even after soaked people from the pool laid on it before them.

Both sisters were wearing a long sleeve see-through shirt over their swimsuits. Max got a hard-on seeing how alluring they were.

Lydia was wearing a white bikini that showcased her beautiful body. Her huge breasts were barely covered. She looked like a pure woman in a revealing bikini that Max couldn’t stop staring at her.

Her violet hair was tied in a braid as it was too long for her to go swimming. Her skin was shining, implying that she had used sunscreen before going out of their room.

Max went to look at Layla, and his eyes almost popped out of their sockets as he gulped, looking at her swimsuit.

Layla was wearing a black micro bikini that only covered specific spots on her body. She almost looked naked inside her shirt.

She has violet hair the same as Lydia, but her hair only reached a few inches below her shoulders. She never bothered to tie her hair, giving her an overall wild aura.

Her body had a different charm to it. When looking at it, it gives people a feeling of seduction. Her every movement, adding her perfect bewitching body makes people stare for a little bit too long.

Her shapely ass was open for everyone to see. Max became more aroused by the view he was looking at. But he can only sigh in pity inside, as he had no plans on making a move on her this time.

Max went on and focused his Sexual Aura on Lydia, signaling the start of their plan.

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  1. I wonder when will MC give the girls the health potion that he drank previously, while it will hurt and grind your bones, they will expel all impurities and become twice beautiful at least, not to mention smooth skin that others will kill for

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