Chapter 45 – Party (1)

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“Why are you going to this party, anyway? You rarely go to a party, right? Why this specifically?”

“Oh nothing was really special about this party, it’s just that we always decline a friend’s invitation to go with her to a party. So when she invited us to go with her again, it was embarrassing to always reject her, so we decided to go just this time.”

“So, whose party is this?”

“Oh, it’s just an annoying person named Xiao Ming, a senior at school. You don’t need to give him any attention.”

“He’s a spoiled brat that doesn’t use his head when doing things. He brags about all the expensive stuff he has, all the time at school.”

“Not just that! He’s also…”

Layla continued telling him about this guy called Xiao Ming. She talked about him like he’s the most disgusting living being in this world.

Basically what she said was this Xiao Ming was not only spoiled and arrogant, he’s also a lustful idiot that thinks with his lower body.

The reason he can keep doing what he was doing was only that his father is filthy rich. His father runs multiple businesses throughout the city.

They have restaurants, hotels, casinos, and their most successful business, their boat and ship business.

They own multiple yachts and ships that they rent out to others. They also organize meetings, weddings, or parties in their ships that it was the go-to place for people who wanted to show off to their friends.

Their yachts were also famous as this city was also one of the so-called seaside city. They pretty much have a monopoly for yachts in this city, earning a massive amount of money every day just from that.

Adding the hotel and casinos, Xiao Ming’s father was one of the wealthiest people in the city. That’s what fueled Xiao Ming’s arrogance that he couldn’t just keep his mouth shut about everything he has.

Layla also told Max about Xiao Ming hitting on every beauty he sees inside and outside of school that most people stay away from him when they see him.

She told him a story about that time when Xiao Ming tried to hit on almost every member of the swimming team that ended up with him being banned from going near the swimming pool building.

At first, they were ignored after reporting him to the principal. Being infuriated, not getting any reply, they all threatened to withdraw from the swimming team. That was when they got what they wanted.

“But it’s a good thing that they are only big in this city. The friend that invited us to join her at this party also came from a rich and powerful family.”

They have a lot of time before reaching the party that Max didn’t mind Layla continuing to talk about the people she knew.

Max thought that maybe this would be an excellent opportunity for him to know more people and more about who were the top individuals that he had to watch out for.

“Their family is a lot stronger than Xiao Ming’s, but the only problem was that they are based in Zhonghai City.”

The word Zhonghai City piqued his curiosity, entirely focusing all his attention to what she was saying while at the same time thinking,

‘Zhonghai City? Isn’t that the city that I went to? Yu’er told me that it’s a bit more dangerous in there as it is a city popular for their casinos. A lot of foreign people travel to that city to gamble.’

Max also told Yu’er about him winning money twice from the casino. He got scolded because of how reckless he was, thinking that a few skills and a Face Mask would suffice to evade any danger.

But Yu’er let him off after he said that he had no idea about Awakeneds at that time. His sister then gave him some warnings about he shouldn’t go to that city unless he is fully prepared.

Since it’s full of foreigners, foreign Awakened existing in there is a possibility. She also warned him about gangs having international connections that sweat ran down his back, thinking about the worst thing that might have happened to him.

Despite all that, Max still planned on going back next time to see and know all about the city, but he won’t forget to ask his sister and other people if he conquered any to join him.

Because, one day, he will also need to go out of his current city, Skywater City, as it would hinder him in getting stronger if he stayed here for a very long time.

He decided to talk about it with his sister so they have an idea about what they would do. More importantly, where should they go after they go out of the city to get more experience and to also gain more strength.

Layla continued telling him about everything she can think of about her friend. Max felt that he already know their friend when he hasn’t even met her.

It was only when they were close that Layla stopped talking. Max looked out the window, trying to find where the house they were going to was.

Closing in the area, there, Max saw the location where the party was with lights lighting up everywhere. He was a bit disappointed seeing it.

He thought that there would be a mansion with so many floors and luxurious decorations. He wasn’t able to see it clearly because there was a huge gate blocking his view, but he was sure that it was only a one-story house.

Their large gate was unique as it was just too big. Max wondered whether it was built to show off as the gate was too high that it looked more like a prison than a mansion.

Slowly going in the already open gate, the first thing Max saw was the open space beside the house. There were multiple cars parked in it. He can see some expensive cars here and there, but they mostly pale in comparison to the car they were currently on.

After finding a parking slot, they walked to the front door. The whole mansion looked like it was made from well-designed wood and stone materials.

But he wasn’t sure if it was real, not that he cared about it. There were only a few people on the entrance, talking with each other.

Most people were probably inside or at the back of the house as he can hear girls that sounded like they were having fun screaming somewhere.

The door was open that they just walked inside not waiting for anyone to invite them in,

“Layla! I’m here!… Wait for me! Let’s go together!”

Looking back, they saw a girl with golden blonde hair in an expensive black luxury car waving at them.

She skillfully moved her car, hurriedly parking it right beside theirs.

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