Chapter 48 – Party (4)

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All of them turned to where the voice was and saw a guy wearing a white long sleeve shirt and a pair of white pants.

His hair was neatly combed, but it only made him look worse than he already is. Max figured out that this guy was Xiao Ming.

Xiao Ming and his group walked towards them. He shamelessly went on to hug Layla, but she stepped away to dodge it.

He only gave a small chuckle before moving towards Lydia planning to hug her too, but Layla pulled Lydia right away to her back.

Xiao Ming’s lecherous eyes scanned them lustfully that Max became infuriated, an icy glint can be seen deeply hidden in his eyes, promising to teach him a severe lesson when there were fewer people around them.

He could easily beat him up now, but that won’t do anything good for them. Xiao Ming might even end up pretending to be a victim.

That would then backfire on them, so he decided to hold back and wait until there are no eyes around them. After all, Xiao Ming isn’t going anywhere, as their business is in the city.

His mind processed information quickly thinking about the best way to get their revenge on this idiot.

“You never changed one bit Layla, still the same as last time.”

His face displayed a gentle smile that Max just wanted to jump on him to wipe it off his face by destroying it. Those people behind just looked at them like nothing unusual was happening.

‘Oh, these people are really pissing me off.’

Max wasn’t the only one feeling that way. Purple Lightning zipped around Lydia’s fingers as her eyes focused, becoming more serious.

But no one was able to see it as her oversized hoody was covering it. Layla acted naturally like she wasn’t bothered by everything that was happening.

“Hmm? Who is this?”

Xiao Ming took notice of this new guy with Layla and her sister, but this was the first time he saw this new face that he couldn’t recognize him. Someone from his side whispered in his ear.

“Max? That Max? The loner?”

“Hmm. *nods* What a transformation, too bad you’re nowhere near my level.”

Xiao Ming condescendingly looked at Max when another person beside Xiao Ming eyed him while snickering then whispered something to Xiao Ming.

“Tsk Tsk Tsk”

Xiao Ming shook his head turning to Lydia,

“So this was the reason you broke up with Dex? Heh, that guy brags too much about being with you, what do you think he would do if he knew about this?”

Xiao Ming gazed at the ceiling, tapping a finger at his chin. All of them, including him, assumed that Max came here for Lydia as they didn’t think he might have been here for Layla.

Max wondered where he gets the confidence to offend anyone. He was genuinely confused if this guy was just an idiot.

‘Why isn’t this guy dead yet? I just checked, and this guy is just a normal person. Is this what ignorance does to you?’

“Hey! Are you not going to defend your girlfriend? Well, I understand. You’re just a weak, scrawny loner anyway.”

What Xiao Ming said was indeed true as Max has an average build, but that’s because his muscles were compressed for more flexibility.

But Xiao Ming was wrong to underestimate him. After reaching rank 1, the raw strength of his body skyrocketed. Though he doesn’t have a muscular body, he was anything but weak.

At this point, they were staring at each other. Even when Xiao Ming was his senior, Max was still on the taller side from good genes, towering over him.

Max arched forward a little bit, turning his head downward to look at him and smiled teasingly. But his eyes looked like he was looking at a joke.

Max just wanted to lift Xiao Ming with one hand right now to show him how pathetically weak he is, but he remembered the warning of his sister, that he shouldn’t expose that he is an Awakened to anyone.

So he took a deep breath to calm himself, thinking that it will be more satisfying if he planned for it. In his eyes, this guy is done. He will just have fun playing with him.

“What’s that have to do with me? I don’t even know the guy you were talking about.”

“Hahaha haha haha!”

Xiao Ming gave an evil smirk, looking straight up at him, adding,

“Then, we’ll see what would happen.”

Xiao Ming was getting pissed seeing the person he called a loner looking down at him. He felt that it was already humiliating that his guy was talking back, and now he was also provoking him.

He should be shutting up his mouth being scared of him, that what should have happened.

“Why are you even talking about that? That’s not even your business!”

Layla strongly voiced out her words that Xiao Ming’s expression darkened even more.

“You are defending this nobody? Why? Was it because of his pretty face? Do you like him?”

Xiao Ming shouted after turning to Layla. His voice was oozing with jealousy while his mind was overthinking a lot of things.

He was starting to believe that maybe Layla and Max had a relationship, and the thought of that made him, even more, angrier inside.

“Why are you asking me? Who do you think you are?”

Layla smilingly asked, but her eyes were intensely looking at him, giving out a menacing aura of a strong woman.

A loud voice interrupted them,

“What is happening here!?”

Alice saw Layla arguing with the idiot Xiao Ming. She never expected that after just being gone for a few minutes, this thing would happen.

“Hmm? Xiao Ming, what are you trying to do? Are you just too bored? Want to make a fuss, just offending anyone you want?”

“You again! Go away! This is none of your business!”

“No, you’re the one who should go. I was the one who invited them here. Do you really want to argue with me?”

Alice was laughing, treating him like he was nothing in her eyes because she knows that Xiao Ming can’t afford to do anything to her.

“Hmph, whatever. I’m not gonna waste any of my time on you.”

He and his gang walked away. He was feeling very hateful that the girl he was going for was defending another guy and this annoying girl that thinks he was scared of her.

“Sorry, that idiot just has nothing to do.”

“It’s fine. I think we should go home now. He just spoiled our mood.”

Layla turned to Max and Lydia and saw that they both nodded, agreeing with her.

“You’re going now?… Haah, fine. Let’s do this again next time okay?”

Alice couldn’t do anything because when Layla decided about something, she won’t change her mind.

In the end, she decided to go too as she won’t have anyone with her anymore, going to a party alone was the last thing she would want to experience.

Resenting Xiao Ming in her mind and cursing him that he should just disappear in this world for ruining her night.

“Yeah yeah, next time.”

Max watched as the three of them hugged each other and say their goodbyes at the entrance.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 48 – Party (4)

  1. Hopefully he seals the deal with the lovely sisters before Alice can cause a problem. Very interesting though. Thanks for the Sweets!

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  2. He could have stopped time, slapped him, and then stand in his original spot. Like from the movie Click.


    1. The problem I’ve thought of when I considered that was, in Layla or Lydia pov, the man would be hit by nothing and there would be no explanation for it which may or may not be bad but to be sure, I chose something else


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