Chapter 51 – Shock

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Max grunted in pain as he held on to the sword that went through his stomach, feeling it protruding out his back.

He froze up, struggling to overcome the intense pain that assaulted his upper body but still not forgetting the reason he was in that situation. Max steeled himself as he forcefully moved his hands, trying to hold the guy’s arms.


The two ladies called out as they turned their attention to the person in front of him.


The masked man attempted to pull his arm away to no avail as Max used all the strength he could muster, securely grabbing him which was more than enough with his current level being 20, far higher than the man.

Pink light surrounded him, prompting him to let go of his sword then proceeded to mindlessly walk towards Layla.

But his movement didn’t last for long as a large stream of purple lightning slammed down on him, instantly killing him in the process.


Sensing that he was losing control of his lower body from the pain, his legs turned weak, falling to his knees. He doesn’t know how to describe what he was feeling right now.

It was just so awful, tasting blood in his mouth and getting dizzy as his body gets weaker.


Layla and Lydia hurriedly went close to Max, tears flowing down their eyes, thinking that he was going to die as they saw the sword pierced through him, coming out of his back.

“”No! No! No!””

They hugged him as they shout for his name. Max remembered why he was in this situation.

When the first masked man disappeared, he waited as they scoured the area searching for him. A few minutes of going through different directions but still found nothing, he went out thinking it was over.

That was when he saw a shadow on the other side behind them, that man was holding a black sword closing in rapidly on Layla.

He figured that Layla would not be able to dodge it as she wasn’t looking, not having any idea about it.

Short on time, he made a quick decision to warn her, at the same time using all his strength to rush towards her. As Layla stopped moving, not having any chance to dodge it, he jumped between them to use himself as a shield.

He positioned himself so that his vital spots would not be hit. Luckily, the sword only pierced him on his stomach. Seeing that, he internally sighed in relief before excruciating pain assaulted him.

As it was his first time experiencing being in a grievous condition like this, Max’s blood ran cold as he felt goosebumps all over his body.

He was quite nervous, but he never thought he was going to die at all. He was also not going to let this guy go as he forcefully grabbed his arm.

After noticing the guy getting charmed, he felt strength left his body, feeling extremely weak. He wasn’t going to be a hero that will sacrifice his life.

He only thought that he isn’t going to let any of his women die. That was the only thing in his mind as he shielded Layla from the attack.

He also knew that he had the Reverse Time Skill. One of the things he found out with his sister was that it doesn’t matter how severe the wound was as the only thing the skill does was reverse time.

He took a gamble thinking that no matter how serious his condition was, he could reverse the time to heal himself. Seeing Layla and Lydia crying while hugging him, Max didn’t know whether he should laugh.

He could only take a deep breath as it looked like he will have to show his skill this time in front of them, hoping that they would still treat him the same after this.

He was still suffering through unimaginable pain, causing him to shake uncontrollably as a large amount of blood was flowing out of him that it all accumulated around his feet.

“Let’s take him to the car! Hurry, we need to be fast!”


“W-What? Did you say something?”


“Hold on for a moment. Can you repeat it?”

Layla and Lydia stopped moving Max as they wanted to hear what he would want to say.

“P-Put me down.”

“Huh? No! We’re not going to let you die here!”

“J-Just put me down. Trust me.”

Max felt that he might faint anytime soon as his head was spinning that he just felt like closing his eyes. He wanted to quickly heal himself, fearing that it might be too late if he waited.

Putting him down as they gave up from his urging, Layla and Lydia watched as Max gritted his teeth as he slowly pulled the sword out of his stomach.


Both of them stopped saying what they’re going to say as Max turned to them, looking at them in their eyes, shaking his head.

Successfully pulling the sword out of his body, a larger volume of blood started to pour out of him.

Knowing that he’s running out of time, Max placed his hand over the open wound as blurry white light shined around his hands.

What happened next was quite disturbing, blood from the ground started to flow back into his wound, followed by the wound closing as his pale face began to return to his usual healthy glow.

Layla and Lydia watched everything with open mouths, completely surprised about what they just witnessed.

Max thought how good it felt doing that. The pain started to disappear, and strength began to come back to his body.


Max wiped the sweat on his forehead, registering that he was back to how he was before, not finding complications on his body.

He turned to see them looking at him with shocked faces like they just saw something that was completely unbelievable.

Max chuckled a bit and lied down on the road looking at the stars in the sky, enjoying the serene atmosphere.

“Wha-What? Y-You?

After a moment of silence, Layla shakingly pointed at him, not knowing where to begin. Lydia was silent, but her eyes were intently looking at Max, waiting for the next words he’ll say.

Finally realizing that he wasn’t going to talk, they couldn’t contain their curiosity anymore,

“Y-You’re an Awakened too?”


Max responded right away like it wasn’t anything remarkable, still appreciating the twinkling stars and the cool air around them.

He was glad nothing happened to them and also learned how fragile people’s life was, as he saw the man instantly dying in front of him.

“What?! S-Since when?

“Hmm? Since the beginning, a long time ago!”

“No, we’re asking when did you know we were Awakened too.”

“A while ago, when you got out of the car that gave me a faint suspicion but you went ahead and proved it. Good fight by the way.”


“Haah, let’s talk about this tomorrow.”

“Come over to our house again after school. I’m really exhausted right now.”


“What is it?”

“Uhmm, could you…?”

Layla looked at the mess they made everywhere. Max realized what she was asking for and turned towards Lydia, giving her a blank stare causing her to blush in embarrassment.

“Ugghh, fine.”

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    1. There should be, in the next few weeks. I planned to host a new website for all my novels, present and future. I’ll probably finish the site in the first week of July. After that, I can start writing a lot

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  1. I’m content as long as there’s consistent chapters coming out. Thanks by the way. It was a good chapter. I’m glad the secret didn’t get drawn out.


  2. Evolved social brain: just keep consistent updates and I’m cool.


  3. Dude… couldnt he use one of his 2 daily uses of stop time and kill the dude?!?, he could just cross his legs, and tilt his sword to his own body so when he trips, he stabs himself!!-…. he is wasting those 2 daily time stops!!!

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    1. He can, but in the POV of Layla or Lydia, it would look like he teleported which was just exposing his skill which was fine since it will be the only skill that he exposes, he can just pretend to have that one skill. But, if Layla or Lydia got hurt in a serious way, he would be forced to show another skill (Reverse Time Skill) to heal them so choosing between a potential exposure of two skill vs using only one skill (Reverse Time Skill), revealing only one skill would be a better choice.


      1. How would it look like a teleport? if he stopped time walked over sabotage the guy so that he would trip on his own sword and then walked back and sat back down in the car no one would know the difference? That would be a zeroxposur wouldn’t it?


        1. trip on his sword. I don’t even know what to say. He’s not a normal idiot person. If he tripped, he would just run away after all he is very (spoiler; read in the next chapters). Basically the sword is far from his feet, who would run like that seriously. And second, even if he did, he will run away. Why? Because he can and easily too (read in the next chapters for the reason)


  4. Have you considered using discus? It’s a much better comment section than the WordPress reply function. Using my old default WordPress account be able to comment doesn’t even feel like I’m would probably find a lot more people commenting if they could just use the disqus system instead. But that’s my two cents. I’m enjoying your story.I think you could probably use a proofreader if not an editor. You tend to gender swap in a lot of places.


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